Rebecca, Freyalyn, and Me in the lobby of the Barbican Theatre!
Rebecca, Freyalyn, and Me in the lobby of the Barbican Theatre!

So I got to meet up with two very dear friends tonight – one from Australia, and another from the Northernish part of England… and we all had dinner and then went to see Hamlet, starring Benedict Cumberbatch. We had the most amazing seats! I think Benedict was about 25 feet away from us – literally! It was so fun to watch him go through all of these emotions from such a great vantage point. He’s so entertaining to watch! Incredible show. The set was really amazing. It was a very interesting take on one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays, for sure. We bought tickets over a year ago, so to say that we’d all been looking forward to it was an understatement! I enjoyed it immensely. Benedict brought a certain kind of humor and angst, as well as… at times… sarcasm, to such an iconic character. Very entertaining! We waited around at the stage door afterward, hoping for a glimpse of him or an autograph, but there were loads of people out there and we were just too far back. Ah well, it was worth a try. I saw a great show, and that was my main goal for the night, so I’m a happy camper!

Program, Ticket Stub, and Promo Card

In other news, I purchased a hair dryer today. I know, I know… the excitement is unbearable, right? 😉 Well, I couldn’t bring mine from home because the last time I did that and tried to use one of those converter plug thinggies – it fried the hair dryer. I don’t think dryers like those adapters too well. Anyway… that’s one thing sorted.

Also, I realized today how much HEALTHIER it will be for me to live here in London! According to my Fitbit, I far surpassed my 10k step goal for the day, as well as exceeded calories burned, flights of steps climbed, and active minutes. And today was really a “light” activity day!! One just walks more in London. And uses more stairs. LOL! This is going to be GREAT! Who needs a gym membership, right? Woot!