Aspergian cancer survivor, chasing my dream of becoming a working actor. I’ve just completed a two-year acting program at Chattanooga State Community College, graduating Summa Cum Laude and receiving my Associate of Arts Degree in Theatre Studies. I have been offered a place at the University of Greenwich, London, UK on their BA (Hons) Drama and English Literature programme, and I will be starting there in September 2015. Eventually, I would like to get my Masters (maybe in Shakespeare Studies) and possibly even a Ph.D. at some point. I do want to be a working actor, but I would also like to either teach at the University level or become a researcher (Shakespearean related?)

I have a “Never. Stop.” mantra, and I’m trying to embrace it full-tilt.

In addition to acting, I enjoy writing immensely! If I had the time, I would sit down and write for hours on end. It’s probably my second largest passion behind acting. šŸ˜‰

Aside from being a Shakespeare nerd, I enjoy books, comics, music, movies, video games, art… so many things! I loveĀ to be outdoors too! I love to walk/hike, and I enjoy being on the water. Fun!

I also really enjoy helping others. Went on a Christian/Humanitarian trip to Nicaragua once and it changed my life.Ā For the better. So much.

Contrary to stereotype, just because I was born/raised in the Deep South, USA does not mean that I go to cock fights, wear camouflage, chew tobacco, am a racist, speak with a redneck/twangy accent, live on sweet tea & fried chicken, or drive a truck that’s been lifted off the ground twelve feet. Nope. I actually have all of my teeth, I enunciate my words, I drive a Kia hatchback, and I am a vegetarian. I alsoĀ hate sweet iced tea. LOL! I guess someone had to buck the establishment. It was me. Not even sorry.

Other Janni facts/beliefs/opinions?

  • Deathly afraid of spiders.
  • Not overly fond of heights.
  • Definitely not a fan of being startled.
  • There is never not a good time for chocolate.
  • Very specific opinions on how I take my Irish Whiskey.
  • A chilled glass of Riesling and a bubble bath go quite swimmingly together. (Pun intended.)
  • A nice, long walk in the rain is one of life’s most underrated joys.
  • There is something to be said for “companionable silence.”
  • Firm believerĀ in lifelong learning.
  • Also a firm believerĀ in just being nice. It’s a curse at times, but I have to be true to my nature.
  • Trouble ascertaining left from right, and I sometimes run into walls. True story. Ask me about it sometime.